Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™

posted on February 14th 2009 by Troy Frazier

Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™

Frazier’s Field Repair is pleased to announce its own line of infield mix dirt for baseball and softball fields; Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™.  We have been using this material internally for almost a year, and we’re amazed with the results.  After years of searching, and testing we have finally found a material that we can proudly put our name on.  This material is free of small stones.  We achieve this with excellent precursor materials not screening.  Lab tests show this material to be 65% sand, 15% silt, and 20% clay with variance of 5%.  You can see our most recent test result below. 

Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™ test results

If you’re building a new field we recommend a 4 inch layer of Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™.  We have used Frazier’s Select on 3 new field constructions and the results are exactly what you want.  It says firm enough to allow the ball the bounce correctly, but it does not get rock solid in dry weather.  The high sand content requires little to no watering before play which is exactly what a program on a budget needs.  I f you have the ability and the budget to water your dirt infield before every game.  We can increase the clay content of this material.

Frazier's Select Baseball Dirt™ is perfect for renovations.  If you’ve got a low spot on your field that holds water; you need this infield mix to fix the problem.  The clay, and silt present in this material will keep it in place after it’s been installed.  NEVER use brick dust, or field topping to fill in a hole.  It will migrate out very quickly and it’s extremely expensive.  When ordering our infield mix we recommend getting a full 20 ton truck.  Shipping on all infield mix is a big factor in the price.  If you’re going to pay for shipping to your field you should get all you can.  If you have some left over you can keep a reserve at your site that can be used to fix common wear points such as base positions, and running paths.  This material is not suited to mound repair, and batter’s box renovations.  We have a variety of clays that we can offer for these areas.  None of them have met our standards for in house branding. 

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adding baseball dirt
Adding the Baseball Dirt to the Field
spreading infield mix
Spreading the Dirt on the Field
checking baseball dirt
Checking the Dirt Level