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posted on July 8th 2005 by Troy Frazier

Field Topping, Calcined Clay, Soil Conditioners, and Surface Amendments

Soil conditioners or field toppings are used on many fields to improve drainage, surface condition, and the appearance of a baseball or softball field. Traditionally brick dust has been used as a field topping. This is a completely acceptable field topping One element to be careful of is the type of brick dust you get. Make sure that it is really dust and not shards. Obviously shards will cut and scratch players.

Many companies are now producing branded field toppings. These toppings are normally about the same cost as brick dust. They are some form of baked clay just like brick dust. Frazier's Field Repair is the Columbus distributor of Game-On soil conditioner from Haydite.

Game-On is a little different than most of it competitors because they use shale instead of baked clay. We've been pleased with the results of this product. It keeps the fields drier, and the players like the surface it produces. We have noticed one minor draw back: the red Game-On product is dyed to make it the bright color red that is desired. The first week it is on the field the die comes off a little and gets on player uniforms. This stops happening after the first or second good rain. Red baked clay is naturally red so it will not do this, but it is not quite as bright, and doesn't look as nice.

We apply soil conditioner in two different ways depending on what the customer wants. The best method is to work the conditioner into the soil 2 to 4 inches deep, and then spread a thin layer on top to give it a finished look. This of course takes more conditioner and will cost more. A smaller amount of the product can be used if it is spread on the top of the field, and lightly worked into the soil to a half-inch depth. We do this with our Kubota tractor and a Harley power rake.

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