Baseball Field Dry

posted on July 8th 2005 by Troy Frazier

Baseball Field Dry is used to treat wet spots on a field to make it playable right before a game. Generally these products are some form of baked clay that is ground finer than Field_Topping. Other products are sometimes added to increase absorption.

There are some problems with using field drying agents we would like to cover. The root cause of these problems is one of our favorite jokes:

"How many bags of field dry will a coach use on a field ?"
"As many as you have in the shed !"

Field dry should be used as a last resort. The extremely fine granual size of field dry isn't good for your field, and it damages the playing surface. Before getting out the field dry, try to resolve wet spots by sweeping the water out over the dirt to let it dry quickly with sun and wind. Do not sweep the water into the outfield; it causes lips and wet spots in the outfield. Sometimes we even go so far as to use a shop vac to suck the water out instead of using field dry.

Only after exhausting all other options is it time to consider using some field dry, but do so sparingly. The best method we've found for preventing overuse of field dry is to hide most of it from the coaches. See joke above. Frazier's Field Repair recommends using soil conditioner as a field drying agent. It does almost as good, and doesn't damage the field.

We do sell all these products so we're happy to sell more, but it's definitely not the best way to fix a wet spot.

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Baseball Field Dry
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